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Quick and Easy Video Clips

Joseph Trinsey2 Comments

Quick follow-up question that a coach had after the Setting and Offense Coaches Workshop with Dani Busboom Kelly:

Quick question... how did you get volleymetrics clips into the video format that you played on VLC media player?  Being able to save montages from VM into a seamless video clip is huge.

I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to video editing, transfers, etc. but would love to learn how to do this.

Well, don’t fear, it’s really easy. Short-answer: I use a screen-capture program.

The one I use is Movavi Screen Recorder, but I can’t say it’s necessarily better or worse than other programs that might do the same thing. (Actually, if anybody from Movavi is listening, the ability to save a set window size would be super-convenient and save me 4 seconds every time I make a clip, which adds up.)

Anyways, I use a screen capture program, and just click and drag to capture the Volleymetrics window. Then I press “record” in the program, and roll the Volleymetrics clip, and then press “stop” in the capture program. I then save the clip. Then, you can get something like this:

If I’m making a montage of clips that are all from the same match, it’s pretty easy to just keep the capture program rolling and click on the different Volleymetric tags over on the right side.

Things are a little more annoying if you want to montage clips from different matches. In that case, I make a whole bunch of individual clips, then queue them all up in a media player (I use VLC, but that’s just personal preference), and use the capture program a second time to capture the running playlist of these separate clips into one clip.

Whew! A little bit of extra work! Volleymetrics, get your act together and create a montage function like DataVolley has!

Any other questions? Follow up in the comments.